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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Greetings Friends!
Welcome to joan's zone!
It is spring and the birds are nesting. I was in Western North Carolina last week. We had snow--on no! However, it melted and did not seem to jeopardize the new blossoms.
Please join me in celebrating the end of winter and the spring of new beginnings.

Here is a spring poem that I wrote two years ago for a book I call Naturescapes.

Brilliant multi-hued
Easter egg shades
Illuminate and complete
The transformation
From stark winter bare
To the richly adorned
Newly verdant landscape

Spring awakens and
Brings forth
Sleepy bulbs from
Their cozy winter beds
Nodding and stretching
They unfold their
Many-colored heads
from Naturescapes
Joan Ellen Gage

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  1. This is awesome - looking forward to many great postings!