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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dancing Forth!

Good Day to All!

I do feel that there is a spring awakening afoot in my writer's soul. Do you feel it too? It is similar to the feeling that I get in the new year, the one that makes us write resolutions.

It is high time for me to get out there. I get so wrapped up in the day to day mundane of working, cooking, laundry, cleaning--yuck! None of that inspires me!

Last week, I went to Coffee with the Poets, in Hayesville, North Carolina. They had several wonderful poets who read. The featured writer was a witty young 87 years old, a Mrs. Dorothy Spiegel.

This is for the poets:

I could feel them in the room, today

Spirits free and laughing

Unfettered by their particular ages

All of them appeared to me

As young women (and a couple of young men)

And they danced, they danced

Let us all have the courage to take a chance and dance!

Just take that first step!

Enjoy the day!



  1. Lucky you having a day of snow. In FloridaLand we don't. All though we are enjoying a long spring.

    Dance, a good idea, gives freedom of the Spirit! So everybody take a few precious minutes and DANCE! Enjoy, Laugh and get Breathless with Joy.

  2. We loved having you at CWP, Joan, and I'm enjoying your poetry. Great looking blog. I'll be checking in on a regular basis.
    You might like my recent post on
    I agree. Let's dance!