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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I was perched on my front porch this morning, when I happened to think that I was "enthroned" on that white wicker chair. All of a sudden, my spine got straighter, my attitude changed, and I felt like I was a queen surveying her subjects. It was a wonderful feeling. I think you should try it!
As you imagine your queenliness, you will notice your mood change. I definitely felt more grateful and lady-like.
Why don't we treat ourselves like the regal beings we were meant to be? Self-love and self-respect start right here, with number one (and that is a capital One!).
Think about how you can do something for yourself today. It doesn't need to cost anything; just give yourself a few minutes to have that cup of tea and relax. Or give yourself a manicure (or treat yourself to one), pedicure, bubble bathe, whatever! Just do it.
Love yourself and you will have more love to spread around!