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Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Friday! Let's Celebrate the Women We Are!

Did you have a good week? Are you ready for the weekend?
I know I am! Women work so hard and are sometimes so unappreciated. I wanted to make your day, today. So enjoy the poem and remember to take some time to pat your self on the back!

Women carry a heavy
Most of us balance
Outside employment and
Home (more work!)
Maybe child-rearing completes
The load, all done at the expense of
We juggle our universe while
Multi-talking, cooking
Car-pooling, shopping
Laundering, errand running
Homework instructing
House cleaning, gardening
Etcetera, etcetera
And get this:
Society dictates that
We maintain our savvy and our good looks
During these amazing feats
(We usually pull this off!)
And, amazingly enough
We are still expected to have
Sex, be sexy, and stay awake
Even though we function
On a daily basis
As CEO's and their staff
We still can't have
A woman President yet
Go Figure!

1 comment:

  1. Joan, you are right on. There is no end to what women do and have to do and are expected to do. Hopefully one day women will believe that a woman can run this country and when Women believe it, men will accept it.
    I have hope for the future of women, but we need people to be alert to the constant and sneaky ways women are undermined in the media, in our culture, and made to believe they only have worth if they are skinny, beautiful in society's eyes, and please men.