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Sunday, June 7, 2009

As I write, sunlight leaks through the oak canopy. Branches stir the air lazily, like spoons in lattes. It is damp, as it poured last evening. We were cooking out and managing the process with a golf umbrella. We still got soaked; but, the meat survived! Of course the tank had to be changed in the downpour--duh!

It is a prelude to the dense humidity that will follow, later, with 90 degree heat. Oh, Florida is delightful in the summer! But, it gets worse; July, August, and September will attest to that. I need to remember, as my skin seems to melt out in this weather, that humidity is good for your skin. That's the lemonade to make out of the lemon of tropical weather!

Enjoy the rain for what it is--life-giving to all of nature. May the rain slow you down a little, so that you may daydream, or take a breath.

Here is a rain poem from a yet to be published book that I call Naturescapes. (Glenda, I share your rain!)


Rain slakes down

Smacking onto leaves

Rhythmically pat-pat

Pattering, smattering

Sounding out as Nature's

Percussion section

Listen as trees applaud

June showers

(Actually the poem says April showers; since it is mine, I can amend it!)