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Monday, June 1, 2009

Howdy Neighbors!

I was thinking today about how pig-headed I am, and how I come by it naturally! Everyone in my family is getting more and more set in their ways--including yours truly!

Although this trait can be tough for others to deal with, it is something that keeps us going and going--like the Energizer bunny. We are stronger for this stubbornness. Here is a poem from my future book called Waiting for the Rest of Your Life. Enjoy!

Willow You?

I began my life passively

Or, so I thought

Not that one could discount

The hard-headed stubbornness

That runs like a deep vein of gold

In the granite rock of the genetic

Makeup of my family tree

But, as the years have rolled by

It has become apparent that

Control issues are key in relationships

As they have been in mine

Many of us are stronger willed

And try to impose this on others

These are the righteous ones

Trying to bend the weaker to them

Like a young flexible sapling

Some will snap like twigs and are finished

Others bounce back unbent

Defiant in the face of such control

Resilience bouncing the back upright

Not giving in, not giving up-- No, Never!

Be true, be the tree

That will not bend

To you and me