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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pets As Family

As I write today, I am not alone, I am kept company with our wonderful Belgian Shepherd, Magnolia. She is always following and watching, a true shepherd.

I never understood why people treated animals as their children, or as family, until I had my first dog. I had enjoyed the company of cats for years, and I always thought they were good companions. Dogs are just more connected to you, they demand that you interact with them, and your lives become entwined.

A pet is a friend who will never desert you. They are faithful to the end, always giving you unconditional love. Seldom do we find as true a friend.

Here is a poem for my Magnolia, my Maggie.


I feel her watchful eye upon me
Always keeping track, following
Wherever I go

Fleet of foot
Playful and spirited
Her dog smile lingers

Sometimes we play chase
Other times we cuddle
Trusting eyes gaze into mine
Filled with love
What bliss!


  1. Joan,
    I love the photo and poem about Magnolia. I also love dogs and know how they can be just like family. Have a great week.

  2. Joan, You hooked me with this lovely lady - Magnolia. I have her brother,
    Nugget. ( I know they are not kin, but they look a lot alike.) He would go crazy if he saw her. I like the poem too. It describes how Nugget looks at me. I inherited him when my son died, and so he is mine now and he knows it.

  3. What a beautiful dog. My dog, Rocky, is such a comfort to me and is always happy to see me when I come home. Tiger, my cat, sits in my chair when I'm away and just looks at me when I come in, waiting for me to come to her and give her loving. But I love them both and would be lost without them.

  4. I forgot to say, I love the poem about Magnolia and really love her name.

  5. Thank you all for your comments! It is obvious how much love these pets give to us.
    We are blessed!

  6. Hi Joan, I just posted a comment and asked if this dog was a Belgian Tervuren and I found this. This is Linda Parks do you remember me? I also have Tervurens aren't they a wonderful breed, so smart and so devoted to you. Yours is simply beautiful. God Bless our Pets

  7. Hi Linda! How did you happen to find me? Was it through Saundra?
    Yes, we love the breed. This is our second Tervuren.
    Would love to see your photos!