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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pets As Family

As I write today, I am not alone, I am kept company with our wonderful Belgian Shepherd, Magnolia. She is always following and watching, a true shepherd.

I never understood why people treated animals as their children, or as family, until I had my first dog. I had enjoyed the company of cats for years, and I always thought they were good companions. Dogs are just more connected to you, they demand that you interact with them, and your lives become entwined.

A pet is a friend who will never desert you. They are faithful to the end, always giving you unconditional love. Seldom do we find as true a friend.

Here is a poem for my Magnolia, my Maggie.


I feel her watchful eye upon me
Always keeping track, following
Wherever I go

Fleet of foot
Playful and spirited
Her dog smile lingers

Sometimes we play chase
Other times we cuddle
Trusting eyes gaze into mine
Filled with love
What bliss!