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Friday, July 20, 2012

Embracing Your Inner Cheerleader!


Hello readers!  Yes, I am finally writing my blog and it's about time.  The occasion is the launch of my latest book, Embracing Your Inner Cheerleader.  I am so excited!

 I had epiphany at 50, realizing that it was not the end of the world—but I could see it from there.  This smack on the head by the menopause fairy motivated me to write Embracing Your Inner Cheerleader (EYIC) and a previous book on the same eye-opening midlife topic ,Water Running Downhill! Words of Empowerment for Women in Midlife

Embracing Your Inner Cheerleader reveals the feelings of change and empowerment that accompany entering that 40-60 something rite of passage for women.  EYIC contains poetry as “messages” written with a delightful sense of humor.  Some of the themes that this book speaks to include: discovering your creativity, exploring who we really are, the strength of women, quality of life, growing up—again!, gratitude, and dealing with the physical part of aging.  These messages strive to engage the reader, encouraging the emergence of their own “inner” cheerleaders!  You go girls! 
Here is a poem from the new book:

A Ms- sed Opportunity

Time to grab on to
The time that you
Have left
Reach for your treasure
With heart and soul
Your quest!

Life may have left you
Lonely and hurt
Get tough!
No one to blame for
Lost horizons

Recover your self
Tempus fugit
Be whole!
Live in the now
Your soul!

Time’s missed moments
Are meaningless
Move on!
Your stars shine brightly
Go on, capture
Your crown!

The universe offers us
Abundant gifts
Begin with love
Never be
The same!

Blessings to you!

Here are some links for the book:

Congratulations Elyssa and Brian!


Congratulations to my lovely niece and her outstanding husband on their marriage, today!  Please enjoy this poem in tribute to their love!


She: Euro-american worldly/shy, brilliant crepe suzette
He: Midwestern quiet, self-assured, intelligent  American apple pie

They meet and over time observe each other--trying one another on for size
Questions flickering in their eyes

Something sparked, tiny yet surprisingly piquant
Then, necessity/graduation separates them
And shifts them into different worlds

Over phone lines, via satellite the spark glows becoming brighter
Hours and days transpire love kindles becoming viral, blazing, scintillating

Home at last reunited on American soil
Fingers brush, lips touch, souls meld
Love is now concrete, tangible
Communication one on one without the
Invisibility of bits and bytes
They are simpatico
 Today promises will be pledged
Lives will be woven together
As a chorus of joy resounds emanating
From their souls and filling the chapel

Bonding family and friends
As vows are spoken/sung
And all are lifted up with this outpouring
From Elyssa Joy and Brian Jeffrey
And through the grace of GOD
They are wed;
Please welcome Mr and Mrs. Brian Hamm
July 21, 2012
Joan Ellen Gage

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Welcome May's Guest Jan Lundy, on the Joan-Zone!

Speaker, Author, Mentor, and Spiritual Retreat Facilitator

Greetings and felicitations to all of my friends!  This month please visit the joan-zone and read about my guest, Jan Lundy.  Jan is multi-talented and a wonderful resource for women of all ages.

Please stop by the "zone" and get Jan's links, including a video blesssing that Jan has given us the link to.



Monday, April 16, 2012

The Dragon and the Damsel

Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy.  I seem to have a major problem with doing this, therefore, I tend to avoid confrontation.  When I do have to confront a problem, I am likely obsessing about it beforehand for sometime.  This way I rehearse the coming "event" and try to get a handle on whatever way I think it will go.  Of course, I am imagining the worse case scenario in my mind, and I am most likely stressing about the "event" to a great or less degree depending on what the problem is.

You see, anxiety rules me to an extent, and the old cortisol tends to flow in my veins a little too often.  This isn't good for my heart and my health in the long run.

I curse the fairy tale endings and all of the romantic movies where happy ever after reins.  You see I am still waiting for my knight to rescue me.

The crazy thing is I have a knight.  But, he can't rescue me--only I can do this.

My knight cannot rescue me from the slipping economy.  My knight cannot rescue me from lack of work.  All he can do is offer some support and that helps somewhat.  I would have to be my own knight, and I try to, but, some dragons are bigger than others.

I am afraid of these dragons.  They are not the dragons of old, however.  These dragons just wanted to grab damsels and eat them or burn your castle down--they could be beaten.  These are the dragons that may not respect women.  They are the dragons who try to squeeze the last drop of blood out of you; they do not care about you personally.  What they care about beating you out of a couple of bucks, and in this economy there are a lot of damsels up for grabs.  And so it goes--to quote Kurt Vonnegut.

I do believe that women need to stand up for each other.  Oftentimes we are all that we have. to keep the dragons at bay.

So, keep the faith, baby!  Think positive thoughts and pass them of with a hug and a smile.

Here's a poem for you from my unpublished book, Embracing Your Inner Cheerleader!



I Can’t “Stands” No More!

Were you ever overcome
By an emotional upheaval
Where you felt that you just
Could not take it any more?
Your head’s relief valve
Was stuck on overload
You couldn’t possibly jump
Through one more hoop
Kiss one more butt
Smile one more smile
Your good nature
Had run out of gas
Has this happened to you, dear reader?

Welcome to middle life!
You have reached an impasse
A stage I’ll call:
I’ve handled this
My whole life, but
I can’t stand it for another minute!
You will find yourself
Echoing your elders
The phrase “I’m too old
To put up with this!”
Falling from your tongue
Before your brain recognizes
The unoriginal sentiment,
With some misgivings

Don’t be too hard on yourself
All that you can perceive
From this consternation
Can be simply stated:
Your body and mind
Are ready to retire
But, your bank account is not!